Terms of Service

Tax Refund Manager Pty Ltd (Refund Manager) - Terms of Service

You Agree to be bound by the following Terms of Service that govern the use of the website, RefundManager.com.au, that is owned and operated by Refund Manager.

  1. You authorise Refund Manager to facilitate your Fee From Refund service by providing you with the RefundManager.com.au site interface for your Accounting Practice.
  2. RefundManager.com.au is designed to be a simple method for your Practice to provide Fee From Refunds to your clients. You will be required to maintain your own Trust and Practice accounts.
  3. The Refund Manager monthly subscription fee varies from month to month. Your free trial ends exactly 1 month after agreement of these Terms of Service, and the monthly fee will be calculated by your prior month's volume:
    • 30 Fee from Refunds or less - $49.95
    • Between 31 and 100 Fee from Refunds - $69.95
    • Unlimited Fee from Refunds - $89.85
  4. If you prefer a discounted annual subscription, the Refund Manager annual subcription fee is calculated by your annual volume. Your chosen package will automatically upgrade if you go over your plan's limit, and you will be notified should such a change occur. The annual fee will be billed exactly 1 month after agreement of these Terms of Service and according to the following plans:
    • 360 Fee from Refunds or less - $650.00
    • Between 361 and 1200 Fee from Refunds - $900.00
    • Unlimited Fee from Refunds - $1,150.00
  5. Refund Manager does not guarantee that the website or any additional tools provided by the website are completely free of errors. We will notify you should any errors arise.
  6. You will not attempt to violate the security of the RefundManager.com.au website. This includes any attempts to download source code, propagate malicious programs or viruses, or interfere with the operation of our computer systems.
  7. Refund Manager assures that your information will be kept private according to our Privacy Policy.
  8. Refund Manager may at any time change the pricing packages and/or the monthly fee during which time you will be provided a 1 month notice. Should such a change occur, the notice will be sent to the email address registered to your account.
  9. These Terms of Service are governed by the laws of Victoria. Refund Manager reserves the right to amend these Terms of Service at any time. These Terms of Service were last amended on 30 September, 2015, and you will be notified of any future amendments.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

You may cancel our service at any time, and refunds for monthly or annual subscription fees are prorated to the day that the services are cancelled.

A refund may also be issued if services are not properly provided to you.

Collection of the Subscription Fee

You authorise Refund Manager to debit the monthly or annual subscription fee from your nominated Practice Account (aka Fee Deposit Account) through Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS). The BECS provider of Refund Manager is National Australia Bank Limited.

The monthly debit is the default option upon registration of this account, but you may also choose the credit card payment method and/or discounted annual billing. If you wish to choose different payment and billing methods, please make sure to change your payment/billing settings prior to the end of the trial period.