Self-Manage Your Fee from Refund Clients in 3 Easy Steps

Enter or Import Your Client's Information

Your client data is never shared with anyone and is securely organised for you.

Upload the EFT Report

With a push of the button, securely upload the latest Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) report to your account.

Generate the Direct Entry File

Generate the Direct Entry Credit File that you would upload to your bank's website.

And it works!

We have completed more than 545,000 transactions and processed more than A$1.35 Billion in payments.

Trust Account Management Solution

You maintain 100% control of your trust account. Refund Manager works in with your existing tools and systems.

Our reporting, unique ID’s and reference codes allow you to know instantly where your clients money is. This allows for easy daily account reconciliation and makes audit time a breeze .

Real Time Reporting

We provide real time reporting on all the key metrics you need to know including client refund status, fees paid and outstanding and any differences between expected and actual reports. This keeps you up to date with everything happening with your fee from refund clients during those busy months.

Cloud Based Technology

Refund Manager is a cloud based software solution. This means no need to host on your own server and you receive all updates and improvements automatically.

Customised Templates

We provide you with fee from refund agreement templates and automated emails including the ability to e-sign the fee from refund agreement. You can control the look and feel and content of these items to integrate seamlessly with your brand.

Direct Debit Function For Default Payments

Our system allows you to identify, follow up and to direct debit your clients account if your client defaults on payment.

Still undecided?

Book in a demo so we can show you how Refund Manager can work for your practice.