Why Choose RefundManager

Tax Practices all over Australia now have another option to provide a fee from refund service to their clients. Our software was developed by accountants and made for accountants.

Pricing Options

  • Free Trial Edition – Try us for a month for free!
  • Single Practice, $990.00 – unlimited refunds per year.
  • Enterprise, Custom based on your requirements

RefundManager is very affordable.

RefundManager is a subscription service. The simple fee structure allows for you to lodge unlimited returns through our software. This means a low cost of about 50 cents per fee from refund for most practices. The more your lodge, the more cost effective the software becomes.

Other services cost too much.

The alternative of using a third party service may make things a bit easier, but the cost is high, typically over $10 per return. Also, using a third party may not be in compliance with Australian regulations. To provide a fee from refund service you are required to use a Trust Account and third party services typically do not use Trust Accounts. You really do not want to pay a huge fee to another company and have your clients' refunds go to a non-compliant account over which you do not have sole control.

RefundManager is the simplest DIY solution.

Managing your own Trust Account manually can be time-consuming and tedious. Your valuable time is wasted reading through the EFT reports, calculating the client transfer amount minus your fees, entering bank information into your Trust Account and, not to mention, keeping track of everything!

Our RefundManager software is easy to use. The online interface, simplifies the process to 3 easy steps:

  1. Enter or import your client's information on our site. We never share any client data with anyone unless legally required (see our Privacy Policy).
  2. Sign into your account and securely upload the latest EFT report.
  3. From your account, generate the Direct Entry Credit File that you would upload to your bank's website.

From there, your clients will receive their refunds, minus your fees, directly from your own Trust Account.

Our system also has a built in collection system. It will keep track of your past due accounts and can notify your clients of a pending debit via the RefundManager's automated email system. Once your clients are notified, RefundManager can produce a Direct Entry Debit File where funds are debited from your Clients' accounts and transferred to your own account.

RefundManager is the simplest, low cost, DIY solution for your practice's fee from refund needs. There's no need to pay anything up front. Upon registration, a Free Trial Edition of our Refund Manager system is automatically activated so that you can try it out for yourself.

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